News and Information

Looking for news about the Medieval Institute? Current information about the Medieval Institute’s upcoming events can be found on our Calendar page. In our People section we feature recent accomplishments by our faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and alumni. This is also the location for a list of our current research visitors and a grateful acknowledgement of the Institute’s benefactors.

Our News page offers highlights of the achievements and activities of our medievalist community. Bulletin Board Postings gives links to off-campus information sent to the Institute about conferences, calls for papers, job announcements, etc..

MI Today has internal reminders and departmental requests for current faculty and students. If you are a current member of the Medieval Institute community and you need to know the date of the next all-hands meeting for graduate students or when faculty course descriptions are due, see this page. 

MI History offers resources for questions about the Medieval Institute’s founding and historical development, including a list of all the MI’s directors.

In conjunction with the University of Notre Dame Press, the Institute sponsors several publications series. The MI also serves as the home for the Bulletin de philosophie médiévale. MI Publications provides details about these enterprises.

Our Web Site describes the design elements of the MI web site and tells a bit about its creation and ongoing development.

Contact contains a faculty and staff directory of people with offices in the Medieval Institute and a quick guide for common questions.