Riley-Smith Conway Lecture
Jonathan Riley-Smith, 2008 Conway Lecture

as part of our goal to create a vibrant community of medievalists, the Medieval Institute sponsors lectures, conferences, colloquia, workshops, seminars, and social events for our undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. Photos of recent Medieval Institute visitors and events will give you an idea of the range of activities in which our students and faculty participate.

You can find details about our currently scheduled activities (and other events of interest to medievalists) in our event calendar.

One of the highlights of our year is May graduation when undergraduate majors and minors, along with our M.M.S. degree recipients and Ph.D. graduates are honored in an all-Latin ceremony attended by their families, student colleagues, and faculty mentors.  See photos of the graduation ceremony for a sample of the festivities.

The Conway Lectures provide a stellar academic highlight each year when a distinguished senior medievalist comes to campus for a three-part series of research presentations. The 2012 Conway Lectures will be delivered by Sylvia Huot Professor of Medieval French Literature, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, on September 13, 18, and 20, 2012.