Academic Events

MI Undergraduate Colloquium


Location: 715J Hesburgh Library (MI Seminar Room A)

Every year, undergraduate students who have taken medieval studies courses present papers on a wide range of topics. The 20-minute presentations are based on research work undertaken for a course and students are nominated for participation by their teachers. The papers are grouped into two sessions (one from 11 a.m. to noon and the second from 1 to 2 p.m.), and all participants and audience members are provided with a buffet lunch between the presentation periods.…

Jonathan Boulton Lecture


Location: Hospitality Room (1st floor South Dining Hall)

“A Scholar’s Progress (to Date): The Evolution of a Comparative and Scientific Approach to Nobiliary Culture in Latin Christendom, c. 1000 - c. 1600”

Professor Jonathan Boulton (ND, Medieval Institute and History) will lecture on the occasion of his impending retirement. The Medieval Institute's end-of-year celebration will follow immediately after the lecture in the Oak Room (2nd floor South Dining Hall), and offer a special tribute to Prof. Boulton.…