Academic Events

Writing Empire Colloquium: Karla Pollman


Location: 210-214 McKenna Hall

“Writing Empire Colloquium: Rome and Byzantium”

“Augustine as a Global Thinker: Societal Pluralism and the History of Salvation in the City of God”


Karla Pollman, Professor of Classics and Head of Department, Classical and Archaeological Studies, University of Kent…

MI Second-Year Graduate Student Colloquium


Location: Medieval Institute Reading Room (715 Hesburgh Library)

Graduate students in the Medieval Institute complete a year-long research project in their second year of the program. At the Second-Year Colloquium, each student gives a 20-minute presentation on the research undertaken.

Weekly Byzantine Greek Reading Group


Location: MI Seminar Room B, 715N Hesburgh Library

A group, organized by MI Ph.D. student Joshua Robinson, meets weekly on Friday afternoons to read Byzantine Greek texts. All are invited to attend. Do not feel obliged to prepare beforehand, since the idea is to have a low-pressure forum for anyone interested in reading Byzantine Greek on a regular basis.  …

Workshop on Paradiso XV


Location: Room 121, Information Technology Center

Cambridge Vertical Readings in Dante’s Comedy: Workshop on Paradiso XV

A workshop via teleconference on Paradiso XV with scholars and students from the Universities of Leeds, Notre Dame, and Cambridge. Please feel free to bring your lunch to eat during the workshop and brief discussion to follow.

A lecture by Dr. Simone Marchesi