Faculty by Alpha

Our faculty list includes each individual’s departmental affiliation in parentheses. The links will take you to short biographies, which usually include contact information.

Hussein Abdulsater (Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies)
Chris Abram (English)
Khaled Anatolios (Theology)
Ann W. Astell (Theology)
Yury Avvakumov (Theology)
Zygmunt G. Baranski (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Alexander Beihammer (History)
Alexander Blachly  (Music)
W. Martin Bloomer (Classics)
Catherine Bronson (Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies)
Thomas E. Burman (History)
Theodore J. Cachey, Jr. (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Peter J. Casarella (Theology)
John C. Cavadini (Theology)
Therese Cory (Philosophy)
Richard Cross (Philosophy)
Brian E. Daley (Theology)
JoAnn DellaNeva (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Stephen Dumont (Philosophy)
Margot Fassler (Music, Theology)
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto (History)
Leonardo Francalanci (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Ludovico Geymonat (Art, Art History, and Design)
Robert Goulding (History and Philosophy of Science)
Karen B. Graubart (History)
Brad Gregory (History)
Kevin Grove (Theology)
Li Guo (Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies)
David T. Gura (Hesburgh Library Special Collections)
Daniel Hobbins (History)
Peter Holland (English; Film, Television, and Theatre)
Peter Jeffery (Music)
John I. Jenkins (Philosophy)
Robin M. Jensen (Theology)
Claire Jones (German)
Maxwell Johnson (Theology)
Encarnación Juárez-Almendros (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Michelle Karnes (English)
Kathryn Kerby-Fulton (English)
Mary M. Keys (Political Science)
Brian Krostenko (Classics)
Ian Kuijt (Anthropology)
David M. Lantigua (Theology)
Anne Leone (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Blake Leyerle (Theology)
Tim William Machan (English)
Linda Major (Medieval Institute)
Alexander M. Martin (History)
Julia Marvin (Program of Liberal Studies)
William C. Mattison III (Theology)
Peter McQuillan (Irish Language and Literature)
Margaret Meserve (History)
Christian Moevs (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Vittorio Montemaggi (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Ebrahim Moosa (History; Kroc Institute)
Hildegund Müller (Classics)
Amy Mulligan (Irish Studies)
John O'Callahan (Philosophy)
David O’Connor (Philosophy)
Katie Oswald (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Mark C. Pilkinton (Film, Television, and Theatre)
Jean Porter (Theology)
Andrew Radde-Gallwitz (Program of Liberal Studies)
Rory Rapple (History)
Gretchen Reydams-Schils (Program of Liberal Studies)
Gabriel Said Reynolds (Theology)
Denis Robichaud (Program of Liberal Studies)
Michael Schreffler (Art, Art History, and Design)
Susan Guise Sheridan (Anthropology)
Christopher Shields (Philosophy)
Deborah Tor (History)
Alexis Torrance (Program of Liberal Studies)
Scott Trigg (History and Philosophy of Science)
Lorenzo Valterza (Romance Languages and Literatures)
John Van Engen (History)
Juan Vitulli (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Joseph Wawrykow (Theology)


Emeritus Faculty

Joseph Amar (Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies)
D'A. Jonathan D. Boulton (Medieval Institute, History)
Maureen Boulton (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Keith Bradley (Classics)
Robert Randolf Coleman (Art, Art History, and Design)
Michael S. Driscoll (Theology)
Kent Emery, Jr.  (Program of Liberal Studies)
Alfred Freddoso  (Philosophy)
Stephen Gersh (Medieval Institute, Philosophy)
Thomas F. X. Noble (History)
Dayle Seidenspinner-Núñez (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Daniel Sheerin (Classics)