Current Graduate Students

Students in the Medieval Institute are encouraged to engage in scholarly activities as soon as possible in their graduate careers. The biographies below show the capacity of MI students to contribute successfully to the academic community at large and present innovative research at conferences and in publications. Prospective students may wish to contact individuals with similar interests and ask questions about the program of study.

Further information on our senior students and our recent graduates may also be found under Dissertations in Progress and Hire a Notre Dame Ph.D.

2014-15 Graduate Students

Katie Bugyis
Daniel Contreras Ríos
Brandon Cook
Axton Crolley
Anna de Bakker
Erik Ellis
Maj-Britt Frenze
Mary Helen Galluch
Filippo Gianferrari
Nicolas Kamas
Mae Kilker
Emily Kirkegaard
Anna Siebach Larsen
Hailey LaVoy
Brian Long
Amy Nelson
Martin Sastri
Christopher Scheirer
Anik Stanbury
Caitlin Stevenson
Megan Welton
Amanda Weppler
Charles Yost
Xiaoyi Zhang
Julia (Qiuye) Zhao