Maj-Britt Frenze

Maj-Britt Frenze


Year Matriculated into Ph.D. Program


Areas of Interest

The Literatures of Medieval England and Scandinavia / Landscape Studies/ Romance


B.A. The University of Virginia; M.T.S. The University of Notre Dame; M.M.S. The University of Notre Dame


My research focuses upon the rhetoric of landscape in the literatures of medieval Britain and Scandinavia, analyzing how medieval authors create symbolic topographies layered over the geographical landscapes they describe. These symbolic topographies may appear as a backdrop to the major events of these narratives, but they can powerfully reflect the author's views towards ethnicity, religion, alterity, and conquest.

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • "The Topography of Conversion: Sanctifying Natural Spaces in the Anglo-Saxon Imagination" International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo (2016)
  • "Eating God: Natural and Supernatural Eating in the "Navigatio sancti Brendani Abbatis"" American Conference for Irish Studies (2016)
  • "“Textualized Pagans: Depicting the “People of the Heath” in Conversion Era Anglo-Saxon England.” International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo (2015)
  • Introduction to Old Norse (T.A., Fall 2015)
  • Medieval Travels to Holy Lands and Otherworlds (T.A., Spring 2016)