Students admitted to the graduate program in the Medieval Institute can count on generous financial support. All graduate students in our program are funded by the University or outside organizations. All students receive a promise of tuition for up to eight years and a stipend for five years, unless they are supported from another source. There is also generous support for travel, research, and attending conferences. Health care premiums are significantly subsidized by the Graduate School. The cost of living in South Bend is also relatively low, and our graduate students usually find that they are able to live better here than in many other areas of the country.

Medieval Institute students receiving a stipend are considered to “owe service” in years two and three of their stipend tenure. Service may be teaching (assistantships or composition courses), research assistantships, or other assignments. Students are also expected to apply for outside sources of funding or special University fellowships whenever possible.

For more information on funding, consult the 2016-17 MI Graduate Handbook.