Current Research Visitors

Mellon Fellow

Headshot of Taylor Cowdry

Our A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Medieval Studies for the 2017-18 academic year is Taylor Cowdery. He is Assistant Professor of English at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and during his year at the Medieval Institute he will be working on his book entitled Matter and Form in Late Medieval Literature: English Poetry and Poetics, 1300-1550. Cowdery received his Ph.D. in 2016 from Harvard University.


Byzantine Fellow

Lee Mordechai

Our newly offered Byzantine Studies Postdoctoral Fellow for the 2017-18 academic year is Lee Mordechai. He is currently at the Princeton University, and during his year at the Medieval Institute he will be working on a project researching the socio-cultural history of the Byzantine Empire, focusing on the eleventh and twelfth centuries.



Research Visitors

The Medieval Institute attracts scholars from around the world who wish to visit and use the Institute’s extensive library collection for their research. This year, visitors include the following: 

Summer 2017

Miguel Brugarolas Brufau Headshot_web

Miguel Brugarolas Brufau (Universidad de Navarra), Guest Assistant Professor, is working on Gregory of Nyssa’s theology of the Logos and the connection between Trinity, Christology and Creation in his own thought.



Aaron Canty Headshot Icon

Aaron Canty (St. Paul), Visiting Scholar, is working currently on an article on the spirituality of Gertrude of Helfta and a book-length project on medieval eschatology.




Headshot Of Don Gallo

Don Federico Gallo (Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan), Adjunct Instructor, is teaching the MI's Diplomatics course.





Institute Blue Arches

Danielle Joyner (Southern Methodist University), Visiting Scholar, is researching the use of landscapes in medieval art.




Academic Year 2017-18

Angelika Kaiser Icon

Angelika Kaiser (Technical University of Dresden, Germany), Research Visitor, is using the MI library collections for her doctoral project on a fifteenth-century codex containing Gregory I's Commentary on the Book of Job and additional Dominican writings.



Jeremy Pearson Icon

Jeremy Pearson (U of Tennessee-Knoxville), Research Fellow, will be working with Institute director Prof. Thomas E. Burman on his research project "A Sustaining Polemic in the Medieval Mediterranean," funded by a Notre Dame Research Faculty Research Support Program grant.



Reidl Icon

Andrea Riedl (Universität Wien), Visiting Researcher, is working on Greek-Latin controversial theology in the 13th century, with a particular focus on a treatise from the 1250s that became quite influential in the later Middle Ages.



Stock Wiebke Marie 100x150

Wiebke-Marie Stock (University of Bonn), Guest Research Assistant Professor, is working on "Plotinus’ rationalization of Platonic demonology." Read more about Dr. Stock's work.