Propose or Publicize an Event

Guidelines for Organizing Lectures and Conferences

Members of the Notre Dame community, do you want to bring a lecturer to campus, ask the MI to contribute to event costs, or request that we publicize your event? Please read the guidelines below, and then submit a request for an event with the MI.

The MI can participate in your event in several ways:

(1) The MI as PUBLICIZER—send Neil a printed poster for hanging at the MI; email Megan your digital poster for posting by email and to our digital display; you can also request via Conductor that we import your event to put in our website events feed. Please note:

  • we do not generally advertise events that are not medieval in subject.
  • we direct-post only MI-hosted and co-sponsored events to our Google Events Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, and Digital Display. If you tag us in Facebook or Twitter, we are happy to share.
  • if you cannot request that we import your event through Conductor (i.e., the MI is the web host for your event), we will display the digital poster and add important information not already on the poster, such as a link to registration, the program, or your email (though we are unable to run registration itself)

(2) The MI as CO-SPONSOR—we help pay for an event that is not hosted by the MI; if co-organization is necessary, we must agree in advance on how to divide the responsibilities with the faculty organizer and co-sponsoring departments (for planning responsibilities, see the list of major planning items/considerations below).

(3) The MI as HOST—we organize, pay for (perhaps with some cost sharing), and host the lecture.

Events hosted by the MI follow our template:

Lecture on a Thursday at 5pm (the day is negotiable, if needed)

Lecture is 45-50 minutes maximum, with Q&A ending by 6:15pm, followed by a reception

Optional: Graduate Seminar and lunch the day following the lecture from 10:30am to 1pm

The faculty member inviting the speaker makes all arrangements for

  • escorts around campus, including making sure the speaker gets to the MI for the lecture
  • the speaker dinner (start time 7:30pm). The MI has direct billing arrangements with Café Navarre, Tapastrie, LaSalle Grill, and Elia's; when you make the reservation, ask them to bill the MI. Any on-campus restaurants can be charged to our FOAPAL (ask Neil or Megan for this). Beyond these two options, you are welcome to use your credit card and file for reimbursement in TravelND.

N.B. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to organize things outside of this template, e.g., breakfasts/lunches; campus tours (contact the Eck Center), etc.

Major Planning Items/Considerations

  • coordinating with speaker
  • determining if a visa is required; this includes issuing a letter of invitation with all necessary information to be shown at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (faculty organizer must provide speaker’s country of citizenship/visa to the MI at the time of an event request)
  • securing a venue
  • reserving hotel (for speaker only; we cannot handle arrangements for family members)
  • arranging travel (via Anthony Travel and paying by FOAPAL; for speaker only)
  • ordering catering (must be done at least 3 weeks in advance for alcohol permit)
  • organizing a speaker dinner (handled by the faculty organizer)
  • organizing a graduate seminar (sending invitation and Google form for RSVP, with two subsequent reminders; ordering food; coordinating on the day)
  • creating publicity; for MI-hosted and co-sponsored events, that means
    • Designing a poster
    • Posting event to MI website events feed
    • Requesting that the A&L Calendar import the event
    • Creating and scheduling tweets
    • Designing and scheduling emails
    • Adding poster to MI digital display
    • Adding to public Google events calendar
    • Adding to internal MI calendar
    • Creating event on Facebook
  • preparing and sending a speaker itinerary
  • arranging necessary escorts for the speaker (handled by the faculty organizer)
  • scheduling MI doors to be unlocked after hours, if the MI is the venue
  • supervising the event setup, catering, and takedown on the day of the event
  • ensuring speaker completes paperwork for honorarium and expenses
  • paying honorarium and expenses once the visit concludes