Medieval Studies at Notre Dame

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Students with a passion for studying the Middle Ages have an ideal setting at Notre Dame: first-rate teachers, a large selection of classes, and a world-class medieval studies library collection. Undergraduates have the opportunity for advanced course work side-by-side with graduate students, and under the guidance of faculty from 11 different departments. 

What is Medieval Studies?

In 1992, Prof. John Van Engen organized a conference at the Notre Dame Medieval Institute on “The Past and Future of Medieval Studies,” at which twenty-eight prominent medievalists gave papers on the subject. Those papers were edited by Prof. Van Engen into a volume by the same title (University of Notre Dame Press, 1994). His essay from the book, “An Afterward on Medieval Studies, Or the Future of Abelard and Heloise,” offers insights on the discipline.

What’s Special about Medieval Studies at Notre Dame?

A unique conjunction of people and resources makes the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame the location for a premier undergraduate program in the liberal arts and a fertile training ground for new generations of medieval studies scholars. The breadth of faculty interests and disciplinary strength in religious studies, history, philosophy, music, art history, and literatures make Notre Dame a rich environment for medievalists. Underpinning the scholarly enterprise is the outstanding library collection in medieval studies which gathers essential reference materials into a single location on campus. Specialized resources for medievalists in the form of electronic databases, scholarly journals, primary source materials, and wide-ranging secondary literature are all at hand and facilitate interdisciplinary research. Notre Dame's scholarly community and exceptional resources have earned an international reputation and attract acclaimed scholars from around the world for lectures, conferences, and research visits.