Our Web Site

Our web site was developed with the editorial and production help of the College of Arts and Letters Office of Communications and designed by AgencyND, the University’s in-house marketing communications agency at the time.

The template design for the site borrows from a medieval manuscript in the University’s collection. It is Notre Dame MS. 65 (the Anastos-Park Psalter). The illuminated initial capitals and the background texture for all the pages are taken from the same manuscript and combined with computer type fonts of contemporary origin. The manuscript provided inspiration for the design of the Institute’s very first web site, so the images provide some visual continuity for long-time, repeat viewers.

If you would like to see some full pages of MS. 65, click on a page number/description:

The web site was created and is maintained in Conductor, a content management system developed specifically for Notre Dame by AgencyND.

Updates to the site are made on an ongoing basis, but we cannot guarantee that all information is 100% up-to-date at all times. In particular, information regarding current and upcoming courses is quite fluid and should be cross-referenced against the registrar’s official course listings on Class Search.

Suggestions about content and organization are welcome. Comments (and any corrections) should be directed to the web master by email.