D'Arcy Jonathan Dacre Boulton

Professor of the Practice of Medieval Studies and Concurrent Associate Professor of History

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


Areas of Recent Teaching
· The Court of Burgundy under the Valois Dukes
· Latin European Nobilities
· Arthur in History and Literature

Areas of Recent Research
· Diplomatics, Sigillography and Heraldry
· Cultural, social and institutional history of nobilities in Latin Europe
· Hierarchies of honor
· Heraldic emblems

Recent Honors and Awards
· Co-director Notre Dame Angers study abroad program
· SSHRCC Research Fellowship
· Elected to Faculty of Fellows and Registrar of the Heraldry Society of Canada
· Elected to associate membership, Académie Internationale d’Héraldique
· Appointed to membership in the Priory of Canada, Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem

Recent Publications
· “The Treatise on Armory in Christine de Pizan’s Livre des Fais d’Armes det de Chevalerie and Its Place in the Tradition of Heraldic Didacticism,” in Contexts and Continuities: Proceedings of the IVth International Colloquium on Christine de Pizan, ed. A.J. Kennedy et al, pp. 87-98.
· Knights of the Crown. The Monarchical Orders of Knighthood in Later Medieval Europe, 1326-1520, Revised 2nd Edition (St. Martin’s, 2000)
· Co-editor, The Ideology of Burgundy: Fashioning a ‘National’ Identity in the Literary, Political and Historical Vernacular (Brill, 2002)