Theodore James Antry, Ph.D. 1979

  • Dissertation: “A Critical Edition of the Practica medicinalis of Thomas of Breslau, Premontré Bishop of Sarepta (1297-c. 1378)”

  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

John Barry Weber, Ph.D. 1975

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  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

David Melbourne Traboulay, Ph.D. 1970

  • Dissertation: “An Institutional and Intellectual History of the Universities of Mexico and San Marcos, Peru (1553-1800): Influences of the Mediaeval University Tradition in Europe”

  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

David Sanderlin, Ph.D. 1969

  • Dissertation: “The College of Autun: a Student-Community at the Late-Medieval University of Paris (1341-1518)”

  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

F. Kenneth Jensen, Ph.D. 1969

  • Dissertation: “A History and Cartulary of the College of Presles at the Medieval University of Paris”

  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

Leslie S. Domonkos, Ph.D. 1966

  • Dissertation: “A History of Three Early Hungarian Universities: Obuda, Pozsony, and Buda”

  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

Robert James Schneider, Ph.D. 1965

  • Dissertation: “The De morali principis institutione of Vincent of Beauvais: Introduction and Critical Edition”

  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

John Chrysostom Murphy, O.F.M., Ph.D. 1965

  • Dissertation: “A History of the Franciscan Studium Generale at the University of Paris in the Fifteenth Century”

  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

Peter Anthony Ford, Ph.D. 1964

  • Dissertation: “The College of Burgundy at the Mediaeval University of Paris: History, Topography, and Chartulary”

  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

William George Storey, Ph.D. 1959

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  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

James Joseph John, Ph.D. 1959

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  • Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel

Bernard Gendreau, Ph.D. 1952

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  • Advisor: Gerald B. Phelan