Marcela Kličova Perett, Ph.D. 2009

  • Dissertation: “Battle for the Public Mind: John Hus and the Hussite Movement”

  • Advisor: John Van Engen

Patrick Gardner, Ph.D. 2009

  • Dissertation: “Dante and the Suffering Soul”

  • Advisor: Ralph McInerny

James Kriesel, Ph.D. 2008

  • Dissertation:‘Favole, parabole, o istorie’: The Genealogy of Boccaccio’s Theory of Allegory”

  • Advisors: Christian Moevs and W. Martin Bloomer

Jonathan Davis-Secord, Ph.D. 2008

  • Dissertation: “Theodcwidas: Compound Words, Language, and Social Context in Early English Literature”

  • Advisors: Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe and Michael Lapidge

Christina di Gangi, Ph.D. 2006

  • Dissertation: “Lydgate’s Mesure: The Echecs Amoureux Tradition and the Theme of the Fall of Princes

  • Advisor: Maura Nolan

Miranda Wilcox, Ph.D. 2006

  • Dissertation: “Vernacular Biblical Epics and the Production of Anglo-Saxon Cultural Exegesis”

  • Advisors: Michael Lapidge and Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe

Simone Brosig, Ph.D. 2006

  • Dissertation: “‘In the Secret of the Trinity’: Eucharistic Devotion in the Thirteenth-Century Southern Low Countries”

  • Advisor: Joseph Wawrykow

Leslie Lockett, Ph.D. 2004

  • Dissertation: “Corporeality in the Psychology of the Anglo-Saxons”

  • Advisors: Michael Lapidge and Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe

Bonnie Mak, Ph.D. 2004

  • Dissertation: “(Re)Defining the Page for a Digital World”

  • Advisors: Kathleen Biddick and Calvin Bower

David Charles Mengel, Ph.D. 2004

  • Dissertation: “Bones, Stones, and Brothels: Religion and Topography in Prague under Emperor Charles IV (1346-78)”

  • Advisor: John Van Engen

Rebecca L. Stephenson, Ph.D. 2004

  • Dissertation: “Deliberate Obfuscation: The Purpose of Hard Words and Difficult Syntax in the Literature of Anglo-Saxon England”

  • Advisor: Michael Lapidge

Robin J.E. Vose, Ph.D. 2004

  • Dissertation: “Converting the Faithful: Dominican Mission in the Medieval Crown of Aragon”

  • Advisor: Olivia Remie Constable

Daniel Bruce Hobbins, Ph.D. 2002

  • Dissertation: “Beyond the Schools: New Writings and the Social Imagination of Jean Gerson”

  • Advisor: John Van Engen

Catherine Mary Kavanagh, Ph.D. 2002

  • Dissertation: “The Place of the Linguistic Artes in Eriugena’s Theological Method”

  • Advisor: Stephen Gersh

James D. Mixson, Ph.D. 2002

  • Dissertation: “Professed Proprietors: Religion, Property and the Origins of the Observant Movement”

  • Advisor: John Van Engen

John M. Kerr, Ph.D. 2001

  • Dissertation: “Proserpinan Memory in Dante and Chaucer”

  • Advisors: Theodore Cachey and Christian Moevs

Rachel Marie Koopmans, Ph.D. 2001

  • Dissertation: “Dispute, Control and the Individual Voice: The Making of Miracles at Christ Church, Canterbury, 1080-1220”

  • Advisor: John Van Engen

Lisa Boyett Luongo, Ph.D. 2001

  • Dissertation: “The Sins of Our Own Offspring: Metaphysics and Moral Discourse in Bonaventure’s Collations on the Hexaemeron

  • Advisor: Mark Jordan

Martin J. Tracey, Ph.D. 2000

  • Dissertation: “The Character of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Teaching in Albert the Great’s Super ethica commentum et quaestiones (1250-1252)”

  • Advisor: Mark Jordan

Michael Machias Waddell, Ph.D. 2000

  • Dissertation: “Truth Beloved: Thomas Aquinas and the Relational Transcendentals”

  • Advisor: Ralph McInerny