Brian Long, Ph.D. 2016

  • Dissertation: “Towards the Cultural History of the Twelfth-Century Translation Movement” 

  • Advisor: John van Engen

Amanda Weppler, Ph.D. 2016

  • Dissertation: “Dante's Statius: Transforming Poetry” 

  • Advisor: Zygmunt Baranski

Katie Bugyis, Ph.D. 2015

  • Dissertation: “Ministers of Christ: Women Religious in Early and High Medieval England”

  • Advisors: Margot Fassler and Kathryn Kerby-Fulton 

Hailey LaVoy, Ph.D. 2015

  • Dissertation: ““Why Have You Been Silent for So Long? Women and Letter Writing in the Early Middle Ages, 700-900””

  • Advisor: Thomas F. X. Noble

Anik Stanbury, Ph.D. 2014

  • Dissertation: “Aristotelian Influences in Neoplatonic Metaphysics: Aristotle, Plotinus, and the Commentaries of Alexander of Aphrodisias”

  • Advisor: Stephen Gersh

Lauren Whitnah, Ph.D. 2014

  • Dissertation: “Patrons of That Place: The Cults of Anglo-Saxon Saints in Twelfth-Century Northumbria”

  • Advisor: John Van Engen

Erik Estrada, Ph.D. 2014

  • Dissertation: “Paul’s Divided Patrimony: How Early Christian Commentators on Galations Shaped the Reformation Debate Over Justification by Faith Alone”

  • Advisor: Randall Zachman

Ben Reinhard, Ph.D. 2014

  • Dissertation: “The Bishop and His Books: Archbishop Wulfstan, Society, and the Written Word”

  • Advisors: Christopher Abram and Thomas N. Hall

Joshua Robinson, Ph.D. 2014

  • Dissertation: "Nicholas of Methone’s Refutation of Proclus: Theology and Neoplatonism in 12th-Century Byzantium"

  • Advisor: Stephen Gersh and Brian Daley

Garrett Smith, Ph.D. 2014

  • Dissertation: “The Problem of Divine Attributes from Thomas Aquinas to Duns Scotus”

  • Advisor: Stephen D. Dumont

Stephen Metzger, Ph.D. 2013

  • Dissertation: “Gerard of Abbeville, Secular Master, on Wisdom, Knowledge, and Contemplation”

  • Advisor: Kent Emery, Jr.

Hannah Matis, Ph.D. 2013

  • Dissertation: “Daughters of Jerusalem: Early Medieval Commentary on the Song of Songs and the Carolingian Reform”

  • Advisor: Thomas F. X. Noble

Nathan Ristuccia, Ph.D. 2013

  • Dissertation: “The Transmission of Christendom: Ritual and Instruction in the Early Middle Ages”

  • Advisor: Thomas F. X. Noble

Daniel Perett, Ph.D. 2012

  • Dissertation: “Calculated Insults: The Rhetorical Use of Invective by Latin Authors of the Imperial Age and Late Antiquity”

  • Advisor: Hildegund Müller

Nicole Eddy, Ph.D. 2012

  • Dissertation: “Marginal Annotation in Medieval Romance Manuscripts: Understanding the Contemporary Reception of the Genre”

  • Advisor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton

Theresa O’Byrne, Ph.D. 2012

  • Dissertation: “Dublin’s Hoccleve: James Yonge, Scribe, Author, and Bureaucrat and the Literary World of Medieval Dublin”

  • Advisor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton

Andrew Irving, Ph.D. 2012

  • Dissertation: “The Eleventh-Century Gospel Books of Montecassino: An Archaeology”

  • Advisor: Daniel Sheerin

Lesley-Anne Dyer, Ph.D. 2012

  • Dissertation: “Translating Eternity in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance”

  • Advisor: Stephen Gersh

John Young, Ph.D. 2011

  • Dissertation: “Business Partners, Privileged Neighbors, and Sworn Enemies: Jews and the Monasteries of Germany, 1100-1300”

  • Advisor: John Van Engen

Courtney Luckhardt, Ph.D. 2011

  • Dissertation: “Connecting Saints: Travel and Hagiography in the Northwestern Atlantic, 500-800”

  • Advisor: Thomas F.X. Noble

Julia Schneider, Ph.D. 2011

  • Dissertation: “Liturgy and Theology in De mysterio missae, a Thirteenth-Century Commentary on the Liturgy Attributed to Albertus Magnus”

  • Advisors: Thomas Prügl and Calvin Bower

Phillip Wynn, Ph.D. 2011

  • Dissertation: “Justification and Repentance: War and Military Service in Early Western Christian Thought, 200-850”

  • Advisor: Thomas F.X. Noble

Jonathan Juilfs, Ph.D. 2011

  • Dissertation: “Redefining Continental Influences on Late Medieval English Literature: The Impact of Women’s Religious Literature on Julian of Norwich and the Text of A Revelation of Love

  • Advisor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton

John Hall, Ph.D. 2010

  • Dissertation: “The Via Sursum According to Magister Martinus: Critical Edition with Commentary on the Final Section of Martinus’ Compilatio

  • Advisors: Thomas Prügl and John Van Engen

Eric Shuler, Ph.D. 2010

  • Dissertation: “Almsgiving and the Formation of Christian Societies, 700-1025 A.D.”

  • Advisor: Thomas F.X. Noble

Andrew Rosato, Ph.D. 2010

  • Dissertation: “The Redemptive Work of Christ in the Thought of John Duns Scotus”

  • Advisors: Joseph Wawrykow, Stephen Dumont