Benjamin Gallucci-Wright

Benjamin Gallucci-Wright


Year Matriculated into Ph.D. Program


Areas of Interest

Late Medieval History; History of the Book; Communications and Manuscript Culture


B.A. in Classical Languages, Calvin College; M.A. in Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University; M.M.S., Notre Dame


My dissertation, "Publishing The Imitation of Christ: The Distribution Circles of a Fifteenth­-Century Bestseller" (Advisor: John Van Engen) focuses on the diverse fifteenth-century institutions and communities responsible for producing over eight-hundred surviving copies of the Imitatio Christi, a fifteenth-century devotional work, each meticulously copied by hand. By examining the way this work spread in manuscripts before and during the early development of the printing press (ca. 1450s-1470s) my work contributes to the historical understanding of how communications technologies like the printing press have revolutionized (or not) the way texts and ideas spread.

Recent Scholarly Activity