Past Latin Examinations

Aquinas Handwriting CroppedDetail from a manuscript in the Ambrosiana library with the handwriting (described by paleographers as littera inintelligibilis) of St. Thomas Aquinas. See the transcription in Franz Steffens, Paléographie latine (French edition by Remi Coulon) Paris: H. Champion, 1910: 95.

Latin is the medieval research language needed by most Medieval Institute students. An exam to test student proficiency in Latin is offered every fall and spring semester. Details about the Latin Exam (grading, use of dictionaries, duration, etc.) are described in a document prepared by the faculty examiners. Samples of previous exams appear below:

Latin Exam-Spring 2017

Latin Exam-Fall 2017

Latin Exam-Fall 2016

Latin Exam-Spring 2016

Latin Exam-Fall 2015

Latin Exam-Spring 2015

Latin Exam-Fall 2014

Latin Exam-Spring 2014

Latin Exam-Fall 2013

Latin Exam-Spring 2013

Latin Exam-Spring 2012

Latin Exam-Fall 2011

Latin Exam-Spring 2011

Latin Exam-Fall 2010

Latin Exam-Spring 2010

Latin Exam-Fall 2009

Latin Exam-Spring 2009

Latin Exam-Fall 2008