Public Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame invites applications for a new two-year postdoctoral fellowship in public humanities. The majority of the fellow's time will be devoted to the Institute's outreach and engagement efforts, and the remainder to research and/or teaching. The position is anticipated to begin August 16, 2020.

Alumni Spotlight

Each fall and spring we present a new Spotlight featuring the career paths of Institute alumni. Our Fall 2019 Spotlight features Professor Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis (Ph.D. '15). Bugyis has been a prolific author since her graduation, in addition to holding two prestigious fellowships at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies and Harvard's Radcliffe Institute, and is now back at Notre Dame.

Apply to our Ph.D. Program

The Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame is one of the leading centers in the United States for the advanced study of medieval culture. The graduate program provides students with superb technical training, but it also equips them with a holistic vision of the Middle Ages, grounded in a mastery of sources and languages and extending to the whole of its life and culture.

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Omnia disce. Videbis postea nihil esse superfluum. (Learn everything, and you will see afterward that nothing is superfluous.)

Hugh of St. Victor (d. 1141), Didascalicon 6.3