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The Institute currently offers two annual, competitively awarded fellowships as well as short-term, discretionary stipends for visiting researchers seeking to use the Ambrosiana Collection. For details and application information, see our funding page. Our list of current research visitors and past Mellon Fellows notes some of the scholars who have enriched the Institute by their presence.

Should the MI not offer a fellowship that meets your interests or needs, we invite you to consider fellowships offered by Notre Dame's Institute for Advanced Study.



Anyone may visit the Institute and its collections without formal affiliation. The Reading Room and department office are open on non-holiday weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (note that the Reading Room is a quiet study area with scholarly research activities in progress constantly). Academic visitors who wish to use the Medieval Institute Library collection for their research should contact Dr. Julia Schneider, medieval studies librarian, and discuss their needs well in advance of the time they wish to visit.  

It is possible for faculty and graduate students from other institutions who will be in the area for a limited time to seek temporary, formal affiliation. Visiting scholars have borrowing access to the MI Library collection and they may use the Library’s electronic resources during their stay; they also provide their own funding. Applicants should send Dr. Megan J. Hall a current curriculum vitae and a brief research proposal indicating when they wish to visit and how the particular resources of the Medieval Institute will assist them. (We might further request a letter of recommendation.) Appointments are made at the discretion of the director. Applicants should inquire at least six months in advance of the time they wish to be in residence.

If you plan to visit the Medieval Institute, Notre Dame maintains a helpful resources page with information about travel, housing, dining, and other visitors' needs in Notre Dame and South Bend.