75th Anniversary

75 Collage

Started in 1946 by Fr. Philip Moore, CSC (pictured above, bottom left), the Medieval Institute has been the leading institution in the United States for the study of medieval Catholic culture and history. Beyond that, it has grown as well into a pre-eminent center for research and education on Greek Byzantium, Arab Islam, and the Jewish diaspora — and especially on a millennium of interactions among them. This is the Middle Ages you’ll meet here.

To mark our 75th anniversary in 2021, we've planned a robust slate of activities for our community. Join us in celebrating all year long! 


Our kickoff video, "The First 75 Years," premiered on August 26th at 4:15 PM U.S. at our opening reception. 


Hesburgh Library, West Lawn (unless otherwise noted)

Sept. 11 — Medieval Combat, 11:30am @ McCourtney Green
Sept. 18 — Tailgate with Falconry, 12pm
Oct. 1 — “Post-Pandemic Labor Markets," 3pm @ LaFortune Student Center, Room 102
Oct. 2 — “The Middle Ages in an Object," 12pm
Oct. 23 — Tailgate with Medieval Blacksmith, 5pm @ McCourtney Green
Oct. 30 — Medieval Ghost Stories & Pumpkin-Carving Competition, 5pm
Nov. 5 — Roundtable: The Common Good, 3pm @ Eck Visitor Center Auditorium

Nov. 6 — Hildegard von Bingen’s Cosmic Egg, 11am @ Jordan Hall of Science, Digital Visualization Theater
Nov. 20 — Harvest Feast, 12pm


Medieval Institute Main Reading Room (715J Hesburgh Library) and live on our YouTube channel

Sept. 2 — Leslie Lockett (Ph.D. '04)

Nov. 11 — Andrea Robiglio (Past SIEPM Fellow)

Feb. 17 — Andrew Irving (Ph.D. '12)

Mar. 17 — Rachel Koopmans (Ph.D. '01)


Joyce Center, Monogram Room
September 23–24

This year's Conway Lectures will celebrate two important anniversaries: the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri and the 75th anniversary of the Medieval Institute. The speakers will be Carol Lansing (UC, Santa Barbara), Areli Marina (Kansas), and Simon Gilson (Oxford).

Find more details about all of these, and more, on our events page.

Visitors to campus, please review the University's visitor and masking policies before attending.


"Father Philip Moore: A Founder's Tale"