Christopher Abram Lecture: “Beowulf in Hyperspace”


Location: Room 101-104, McKenna Hall (Center for Continuing Education)

Christopher Abram, Lecturer in Medieval Scandinavian Studies, University College London, teaches Old Norse language and literature and courses on medieval Scandinavian history and culture. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge and published his first book Myths of the Pagan North: the Gods of the Norsemen in 2011. His current project is a major diachronic investigation of the changing texts of the Norse Eddas that attempts to re-historicize the successive versions of the myths they present. His other interests include early Christian writing in Old Norse, religious change and conversion, theoretical approaches to mythology, and textual criticism, and he has published on Anglo-Saxon literature as well.

A short reception will follow the lecture.

Sponsored by the University of Notre Dame Department of English.