Maryanne Kowaleski Graduate Seminar


Location: Medieval Institute Seminar Room A (715J Hesburgh Library)

Prof. Maryanne Kowaleski, will conduct a seminar for graduate student medievalists today. The topic is: “Medievalists and Methodology.”

Students can prepare for the seminar by attending Prof. Kowaleski’s lecture on Oct. 25 (and especially noting her comments about methodologies in demography and paleodemography). At the seminar, participants should be prepared to discuss what methodological trends they have observed in their own fields, how they can identify methodologies they have employed in their own work, and what methodology means in an interdisciplinary context.

Seating is limited and available to Notre Dame students BY RESERVATION ONLY. 

If you are interested in attending, contact Roberta Baranowski NO EARLIER THAN October 11.