MI Second-Year Graduate Student Colloquium


Location: Medieval Institute Reading Room (715 Hesburgh Library)

Graduate students in the Medieval Institute complete a year-long research project in their second year of the program. At the Second-Year Colloquium, each student gives a 20-minute presentation on the research undertaken.

The students who will present are:

Filippo Gianferrari: “Teaching Ovid in Bologna, 1321: Giovanni del Virgilio, magister et poeta”

Nicolas Kamas, “Ivonis Carnotensis Sermo de significatione sacerdotalium indumentorum”

Mae Kilker: “Let the Dynastic Circle Be Unbroken: An Inclusive Interpretation of the Encomium Emmae Reginae

Christopher Scheirer,De Reddendis Decimis Et Primitiuis Quae Dominus Precepit: A New Hiberno-Latin Sermon on Tithing in London, British Library, Royal 5 E XIII”