Writing Empire Colloquium: Robin Darling Young


Location: Rooms 100-105, McKenna Hall (Notre Dame Conference Center)

“Writing Empire: Rome and Byzantium”

Today’s Lecture: ‘The Locusts Have No King’: Monastic Government in the Late Fourth Century

The Department of Classics, with support from the Department of Theology, the Medieval Institute, and a Henkels grant from the Institute for the Study of Liberal Arts, is sponsoring a year-long colloquium in memory of Sabine MacCormack (1941-2012), the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh Professor of Arts and Letters, whose far-ranging scholarly interests encompassed both Late Antiquity and colonial Latin America.

Throughout the year, both ND faculty and off-campus scholars will come together periodically for lectures, graduate seminars, and discussion.

Prof. Robin Darling Young is Associate Professor of Theology, Catholic University of America

A reception will follow the presentation.