Arthur Marotti Graduate Seminar


Location: Medieval Institute Seminar Room A (715J Hesburgh Library)

Paleography Workshop

This will be a workshop on reading English secretary, mixed, and italic hands from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. We will look at about a dozen (pre-circulated) examples and, with the help of paleography essays by Muriel St. Clare-Byrne and R.W. McKerrow, we will examine and decipher as a group a number of poems written in easy to very difficult scripts. Although there is no quick way of becoming skilled in reading old scripts and although one has to learn the quirks and features of each scribe’s hand, this exercise should encourage participants to use archival manuscript materials that can yield great benefits for their research.

Prof. Arthur Marotti will conduct a seminar for graduate student medievalists today. Seating is limited and available to Notre Dame students BY RESERVATION ONLY.

If you are interested in attending, contact Roberta Baranowski NO EARLIER THAN February 20.

Prof. Marotti’s visit is sponsored by the Department of English.