"Profiling Religious Experience:" Notre Dame Systematic Theology Colloquium


Location: McKenna Hall Notre Dame Conference Center (View on map.nd.edu)

Colloquium Poster

The Theology department is proud to announce its upcoming Systematic Theology Colloquium on November 30 and December 1: "Profiling Religious Experience." The keynote lecture will be delivered by Emmanuel Falque, Professor of Philosophy and Theology and Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Paris as well as the founder and director of the INPR (International Network in Philosophy of Religion). Falque specializes in medieval philosophy, phenomenology, and the philosophy of religion. His publications include God, the Flesh and the Other: From Irenaeus to Duns Scotus (Northwestern UP, 2014); The Wedding Feast of the Lamb: Eros, the Body, and the Eucharist (Fordham UP, 2016); and most recently Le Livre de l'Expérience: d'Anselme de Cantorbéry à Bernard de Clairvaux (Les Éditions du cerf). His lecture will take place on Thursday, November 30 at 4:30 in McKenna, with a reception to follow. Conference panels on Friday, December 1 involve both faculty and graduate students. All are welcome to attend.

Thursday, November 30, McKenna Hall Notre Dame Conference Center

4:30 Keynote Lecture and Reception

Friday, December 1, South Dining Hall Oak Room

9:00-10:30 Medieval

  • David C. Albertson: “Against the Sudden: from Augustine to Nicholas of Cusa”
  • Travis Lacy: “Office and Archetype: The Unity of Nuptial and Hierarchical Ecclesiology in Bernard of Clairvaux's de Consideratione”
  • Julieanne Mitchell: “‘My heart lies prostrate to love's mystery’: Encounter with God in Petitionary Prayer in Thomas Aquinas”

11:00-12:30 Mysticism

  • Bernard McGinn: “Annihilation and Apostolicity in Two Female Mystics: Marguerite Porete and Jeanne Guyon"
  • Amy McLean: “‘I want to die living’: The Entanglement of Desire and Death in Mechthild of Magdeburg”
  • Chelsea King: “A Turn Toward the Crucified One: Edith Stein's Christocentric Phenomenology”

1:30-3:00 Ethics

  • Peter Casarella: “The Symbol-Laden Book of Experience: Juan Carlos Scannone, SJ and Emmanuel Levinas”
  • Michael Altenburger: “Unfriending Derrida: Mysticism, Politics, and Messianism”
  • Heather DuBois: “Preparing for Virtue: John of the Cross and Political Theology”

3:30-5:00 Phenomenology

  • John Betz: “Catholic Metaphysics and Modern Phenomenology: Erich Przywara on Husserl, Scheler, and Heidegger”
  • Christopher Rios: “Nancian Gestures Towards a Theology of Art”
  • Dylan Belton: “Merleau-Ponty's Turn to Schelling”

For any questions, please contact Jonathan Ciraulo or Bruno M. Shah, OP.