Lecture (Italian Studies): Albert Lloret, "Medieval Catalan Poetry in the Spanish Baroque"​


Lecture: “Medieval Catalan Poetry in the Spanish Baroque”​ – Albert LLoret (UMass Amherst)

Lloret Medieval Catalan Poetry In The Spanish Baroque

Valencian author Ausiàs March (1400-59) is often credited with having created a poetic language for fifteenth-century post-troubadour Catalan lyric. During the sixteenth century his works were printed several times and translated into Spanish twice. In fact, March went on to have a crucial impact on the Italianate poetry of the Spanish Renaissance. His celebrated posterity reached a new height in 1633, when Hellenist Vicent Mariner translated his poetry into Latin. This talk will look into the continuities and shifts in the reception of March’s poetry between the Renaissance and the Baroque by looking at some aspects of Mariner’s Neo-Latin translation of March’s lyric.

Thanks to the generosity of the curators at Special Collections, some of the original sixteenth-century Spanish editions that Prof. Lloret will discuss in his talk will be on display at the time of the lecture.

Originally published at italianstudies.nd.edu.