English: Medieval Seminar with Emeritus Professor R.F. Yeager


Location: O'Shaughnessy 116 (View on map.nd.edu)

R. F. Yeager, Emeritus Professor of English at the University of West Florida, will be speaking on "Gower’s ‘Epistle to Archbishop Arundel’: The Evidence of Oxford, All Souls College, MS 98." The founder and president of the International John Gower Society, Yeager has published 16 collections of essays, written 5 critical books, and edited both Gower's minor Latin works and his French balades. His 1990 John Gower's Poetic: The Search for a New Arion remains the pre-eminent study of Gower's poetic techniques in Latin and French as well as English, and he has published extensively and learnedly on Gower's multilingualism in particular. Yeager will be visiting Notre Dame in preparation for the June 2020 meeting of the Gower Society here.