Premodern Critical Race Studies Reading Group Meeting


Location: Zoom

The first spring meeting of the Premodern Critical Race Studies Reading Group will be on Feb. 26 from 2-3pm via Zoom.

We will be discussing the following readings:

  • Shokoofeh Rajabzadeh, "The Depoliticized Saracen and Muslim Erasure," in Literature Compass 16, 9-10 (2019). (MAA inaugural prize winner on Critical Race Studies)
  • Monica H. Green, “Bodily Essences: Bodies as Categories of Difference,” in A Cultural History of the Human Body in the Middle Ages (Oxford: Berg, 2010), pp. 149-72 (notes, pp. 264-68).
  • Dorothy Kim, “Reframing Race And Jewish/Christian Relations In The Middle Ages,” in transversal 13, 1 (2015): pp. 52-64

All are welcome to join by Zoom:

Questions? Please contact organizer Shela Raman (