Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Ohio State) and MI: Megan J. Hall (Notre Dame) and Nick Hoffman (English, OSU), "Ancrene Wisse and Its Readers: Reappraising Medieval Women’s Education and Critical Readership"


Location: Via Zoom

All are welcome to join for a colloquium on "Ancrene Wisse and Its Readers: Reappraising Medieval Women’s Education and Critical Readership," hosted by Ohio State's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. 

The colloquium runs from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and will be held on Zoom. 

See the CMRS page for a synopsis and handout of the topic to be discussed and to register for the Zoom link. 


Megan J. Hall specializes in medieval women's literacy and education, manuscript studies, digital humanities, and the effects of landscape and environment on the production of texts and text technologies. She has authored a number of publications including essays in Journal of the Early Book Society and Early Middle English. Most recently she has been invited to contribute to a special edition of History of Education Quarterly on Medieval and Renaissance education and an episode of the HEQ&A podcast on her work.

Nick Hoffman is a Distinguished University Fellow and Ph.D. candidate in medieval literature. His primary research interests include medieval discourses around sexuality, the body, the senses and Christian epistemology. His dissertation (“Tactile Theology: Gender, Sexuality, and the Sensorium in Medieval Literature") explores the relationship between gender and the sense of touch in a cross-section of medieval texts. He has published on the significance of the Middle Ages in modern culture, particularly among queer and trans activists, theorists and artists.