WAP and Spring Forum: Luca Pitteloud, "Damascius on the Ineffable"


Location: 214 O'Shaughnessy Hall (View on map.nd.edu)

Please join the Notre Dame Workshop on Ancient Philosophy and the History of Philosophy Forum in welcoming grant recipient Luca Pitteloud (Federal University of ABC, São Paulo, Brazil). 

He will be giving a talk entitled 'Damascius and the Ineffable,' followed by a Q&A session.

Abstract: In this talk, I want to offer a reconstruction of Damascius’ attempt to grasp the first principle of all things, the Ineffable. Such a grasp implies the rejection of the principle of non-contradiction. The reasoning soul, putting itself in aporia, is forced to admit contradictory statements as true when it tries to reach what lies beyond any intelligible being. Consequently, Damascius shows that it is necessary to postulate a completely transcendent and unknowable Absolute, beyond the One, which is the uncoordinated cause of all things.

We hope you can join us!

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