MI Working Group: Kate Kennedy Steiner (University of Waterloo), "Making a Secular Liturgy: Signs of Transition in a St Andrews Antiphoner"


Location: Zoom

Join the Medieval Liturgy Working Group for a presentation by Kate Kennedy Steiner of the University of Warsaw! All are welcome to attend; the event will be on Zoom (https://notredame.zoom.us/j/99503673592).

About the talk:

A single liturgical book linked to the cathedral of St Andrews, Scotland survives to tell the story of that institution’s shift from an Irish monastic community to a secular cathedral. Commissioned by an important St Andrews bishop, this liturgical book demonstrates the careful curation of offices for saints' feast amidst the changing identity of the cathedral and offers a snapshot in the process of creating a new secular liturgy for a cathedral before the influence of the Salisbury Use.