Best of the Medieval Studies Research Blog: March Highlights

Author: Karrie Fuller

Mandeville Writing; London, British Library, Add MS 24189, folio 4r

Welcome to the Medieval Studies Research Blog’s (MSRB) “Best of” news series where we report monthly on our recent publications and exciting initiatives.

Featured Publications

After a prolonged wait that felt like a near eternity for some of us, it is finally time to say good-bye to the polar vortex, negative temperatures, and icy sidewalks. Spring is officially here (Phew!). With spring comes a great line-up of new reading tailored just for you. So, take a moment to listen to the Parliament of Fowls happening right now outside your window (they’re also relieved for spring), and then enlighten yourself about Saint Catherine of Siena’s and Bernard of Clairvaux’s theological agreements. Watch out for dragons though; they’re dangerous, and they seem to be making a regular appearance on our blog this semester!

Medieval Poetry Project

March also saw a new release on the Medieval Poetry Project. This new translation and audio recording comes from the famous poem Beowulf. Check out both the introductory preface, “The Lay of Sigemund,” and the translation itself, “The Sigemund-Episode in Beowulf.”

Happy Reading! And, stay tuned for our April highlights… 

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