MAA Calls for 2022 Prize and Grant Submissions

Author: Medieval Institute

From the Medieval Academy of America

The Medieval Academy of America invites submissions for the following prizes and grants. For more information about eligibility, submission, and deadlines, please see the MAA's prize and grant pages.  


The following prizes will be awarded at the 2023 MAA Annual Meeting. The Medieval Academy warmly encourages the nomination of publications written by scholars working beyond the tenure track as well as those written by faculty.

Monica H. Green Prize: Awarded to an exceptional project that demonstrates the value of medieval studies in our present day.

Jerome Singerman Prize: Awarded to a meritorious second monograph in the field of medieval studies.

Haskins Medal: Awarded to a distinguished monograph in the field of medieval studies.

Digital Humanities Prize: Awarded to an outstanding digital research project or resource in the field of medieval studies.

Karen Gould Prize: Awarded to a monograph of outstanding quality in medieval art history.

John Nicholas Brown Prize: Awarded to a first monograph of outstanding quality in the field of medieval studies.

Critical Race Studies Prize: Awarded annually to an article in the field of medieval studies that explores questions of race and the medieval world, and which is judged by the selection committee to be of outstanding quality.


Schallek Fellowship: The Schallek Fellowship provides a one-year grant of $30,000 to support Ph.D. dissertation research in any relevant discipline dealing with late-medieval Britain (ca. 1350-1500).

Travel Grants: The Medieval Academy provides travel grants to help Academy members who hold doctorates but are not in full-time faculty positions, or are contingent faculty without access to institutional funding, attend conferences to present their work.

MAA/CARA Conference Grant: The MAA/CARA Conference Grant for Regional Associations and Programs awards $1,000 to help support a regional or consortial conference taking place in 2023.