MI Alumna Accepts Prestigious Faculty Position at ND

Author: Emily Mahan

Katie Bugyis Photo By Tony Rinaldo 373px

Former Medieval Institute graduate student Katie Bugyis will be returning home to Notre Dame, this time as a tenure-track faculty member in the Program of Liberal Studies. The appointment was well-earned: Bugyis, since graduating with a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies as recently as 2015, has held two coveted post-doctoral fellowships (the first at the University of Toronto’s Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, the second at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study), and she has transformed her doctoral dissertation into a soon-to-be-released book, The Care of Nuns: The Ministries of Benedictine Women in England during the Central Middle Ages (Oxford University Press, 2019). Bugyis has an impressive further ten publications, including articles in top journals such as Speculum and Traditio. Bugyis’s work is a highly interdisciplinary mix of liturgical studies, codicology, paleography, diplomatics, and textual analysis—the result of training in an interdisciplinary program such as Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute—and she is a natural fit as a faculty member for the Program of Liberal Studies’s integrated yet wide-ranging liberal arts curriculum. She will join fifty medievalist Faculty Fellows at Notre Dame, now as a colleague.