Religion & Literature 51.1 Features ND Alumni and Special Forum on Old English Literature

Author: Medieval Institute

Manuscript leaf showing The Last Judgement.
Manuscript leaf showing the Last Judgement (London, British Library, Stowe MS 944, fol. 7r). From Winchester, England, c.1031.

Notre Dame alumni feature prominently in the latest issue of Religion & Literature, a scholarly journal produced at the University of Notre Dame. This issue, 51.1, includes a special forum, "Religion and Old English Literature," edited by Daniel Anlezark, Karl Persson, and Jacob Riyeff.

Dr. Riyeff, a specialist in Old English language and literature, is a graduate of Notre Dame's Ph.D. in English program and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Marquette University. 

The forum features a piece co-authored by the editors, “‘Soð bið swicolost’: Religion & Old English Literature," as well as an additional entry by Dr. Riyeff, “’To þæm stræcstum mynstermonna cynne ȝecyrren’: Learning From Monastics on Either Side of a Millennium."

A alumnus of the Medieval Institute, Ben Reinhard (Ph.D. '14), also contributes an essay, “The Old English Gloria and the Mystery of Creation.” Dr. Reinhard is Academic Dean and Associate Professor of English Language and Literature at Christendom College. 

Religion & Literature provides a forum for discussion of the relations between two crucial human concerns, the religious impulse and the literary forms of any era, place, or language.