Carlos Diego Arenas Pacheco

Carlos Diego Arenas Pacheco


B.A. in Philosophy, La Salle University (Mexico City), 2012, summa cum laude; M.A. in Humanities, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Mexico City), 2016; Master of Medieval Studies, University of Notre Dame, 2019

Year of Matriculation



Areas of Interest

Comparative literature; World literature; History of Catholic education in 16th and 17th-Century Americas and East Asia; Translation of Western literature in non-Western languages; Indigenous intellectuals


My dissertation project, titled "Naturales Letrados: Education, Literature, and Translation in the Early Iberian World (Mexico, Peru, and East Asia, 1530-1640", co-directed by W. Martin Bloomer and Karen Graubart, explores the reception of Iberian Catholic literary culture by non-Western intellectuals in the first century of Iberian colonial projects in the Americas and East Asia. By combining archival, literary, and art historical research, my project aims at bringing the reader into a classroom for non-Western Catholic boys and girls and out into the world of their literary and artistic production, where the influence of the Greco-Latin classics is yet to be explored. I am also interested in 19th-century translations of Western literature in Asia and Mexican indigenous languages.

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • Article: "The Double Mistaken Identity of Colonial Literature. The Cases of Aesop’s Fables in Japan (1593) and India (1803)," in Journal of World Literature (accepted and prepublished)
  • Conference paper: "The sources of Chimalpahin's Relaciones," in Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies (March 2021)
  • Book chapter: "In tlahtoani Emperador: Nahua rulers, divine kingship, and the king of Spain in early Mexico (1521-1611)", in Jörg Tellkamp, ed., Quellen und Methoden zur Erforschung der Philosophie Neuspaniens (Winter Verlag, forthcoming).
  • The John Carter Brown Library short-term fellowship (June–July 2021)
  • BSA-Pine Tree Fellowship in Hispanic Bibliography (2021)