Eileen Morgan

Eileen Morgan


B.A. in History and English, Bryn Mawr College (2015)

Year of Matriculation




Areas of Interest

Medieval culinary history; history of science, medicine, and technology; medieval material culture; critical race studies


Eileen's research considers recipes as sites of intersection between medieval natural philosophical theory and common practice. While her primary research interest lies in medieval recipe traditions, and culinary recipes in particular, more broadly she is interested in the many ways the history of science, medicine, and technology manifests in medieval material culture.

Other interests include the body, medieval citation practices, the concept of technique, medievalism, and the digital humanities.

Recent Scholarly Activity

Richard and Peggy Notebaert Premier Fellowship
Duffy Fellowship
Graduate Student Travel Bursary, Medieval Academy of America
CARA Summer Scholarship, Medieval Academy of America
Co-Organizer of Pre-Modern Critical Race Studies Working Group