Spencer Arrowood

Spencer Arrowood


Master of Medieval Studies, University of Notre Dame; Master of Theological Studies, Liturgical Studies concentration, University of Notre Dame; Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology, Union University​

Year of Matriculation




Areas of Interest

Medieval liturgy and chant, Slavic studies, East-West relations


My research concerns Slavic religious culture, especially the problems presented by the monuments (written and otherwise) of Kievan Rus'. Christianity in Rus' occupies a special place in the history of the estrangement of Eastern and Western churches. The adoption and spread of Christianity north of the Black Sea corresponds roughly to the period of a deepening divide between the churches. Nevertheless, anti-Latin feeling is not immediately apparent among the Rus'. I am interested in the religious dimension of Rus' culture especially its role in the broader medieval world—in the words of the Primary Chronicle, on the route "from the Varangians to the Greeks."

When not teaching or researching, I enjoy playing the piano and dancing classical ballet.

Recent Scholarly Activity

Seminar Presentations

  • "The Glagolitic Tradition," Spring 2021
  • "The Right Rite: Counting Latin Errors in East Slavia," Spring 2021
  • "The Happy Land: Ritualized Theology in Primitive Baptist Worship," Spring 2022

Teaching Assistant

  • “"Music History I," University of Notre Dame, Fall 2021
  • "World of the Middle Ages," University of Notre Dame, Spring 2022