Will Beattie

Will Beattie


MMS in Medieval Studies (University of Notre Dame); MA in Medieval Studies (University of York); MA (Hons.) in English Literature (University of St Andrews)

Year of Matriculation




Areas of Interest

Eschatology; Old English literature; homiletic literature; the relationship between early medieval politics and religion.


Will's main interest lies in the function of eschatological literature during the medieval period, particularly in Anglo-Saxon England. He approaches this study from a sociopolitical perspective, investigating the ways in which contemporary events like the Scandinavian invasions of the 8th to 11th centuries influenced the use of religious language. He is also interested in the relationship between soul and body in Anglo-Saxon literature.

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • 2021—Assistant Editor at Studies in the Age of Chaucer
  • 2021—NYU MARGINS Conference: '"Heaven Strives Against Us: Environmental Disaster and the Eschatology of Archbishop Wulfstan of York"'
  • 2021—Nanovic Grant: National Humanities Center Summer Residency
  • 2020-21—Gabriel Fellowship
  • 2019—Managing Editor at Religion & Literature