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Dear ND Medievalists,

This year the Medieval Institute's Medieval Studies Research Blog is starting out strong. We are previewing some groundbreaking new discoveries about the Pearl-Gawain manuscript! But, after this week, we need your help. This is a great opportunity for both graduate students and faculty to advertise their work to wider audiences. Anyone needing DH experience, or wanting to strengthen their online presence can certainly benefit. The posts need not be long and often cover a topic the contributor is already working on for a course, article, dissertation, or monograph. In addition to research-related posts, we would love to have submissions with wider cultural outreach, or entries that address issues of concern about our place within the Humanities (i.e.—the decline in jobs, funding cuts, etc). We have also been developing posts on working in the archives and would welcome any additional contributions on your experiences. 

The plan is to put up a new post every Friday, and I have a sign-up sheet in progress awaiting your name. Since it is still early in the semester, we have lots of availability (see the sheet pasted below). If you are interested, please send me your preferred dates at, and I will add you to the official calendar. If needed, we can always add more slots. There’s room for everybody! 



Chequered Board Posting Schedule—Fall 2017

(Due: Fridays @ noon)

8/25: Maidie Hilmo on Pearl-ms


9/8: Erica Machulak

9/15: Richard Fahey


9/29: Sean Sapp



10/20: October Break!

10/27: Amy Nelson


11/10: Sean Sapp

11/17: Richard Fahey

11/24: Thanksgiving Break!



12/15: Final Exam Week!