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Every semester the Medieval Institute originates courses and cross-lists courses originated by other departments. In each autumn and spring semester, approximately 25 courses that focus on medieval topics are open to undergraduate students.  

The most up-to-date information on course offerings for the current and upcoming semesters is found through Class Search on InsideND. Courses numbered from 10000 to 59999 are for undergraduates and courses numbered 60000 and above are graduate-level courses.

Here are the titles of some recent course offerings:

MI 20185  Arthurian Literature

MI 20473  Regarding the Islamic Challenge to Christianity

MI 20609  Reading & Writing Latin Prose

MI 20703  Early Christian/Byzantine Art

MI 20704  Introduction to Renaissance Art

MI 20772  Medieval and Renaissance Music History

MI 30214  Italian Renaissance

MI 30225  The Birth of the Medieval World

MI 30235  Medieval Middle East

MI 30237  Medieval & Early Modern Russia

MI 30241  Ancient Japan

MI 30255  The 12th-century Renaissance & Reform

MI 30278  King Arthur in History & Literature

MI 30301  Ancient & Medieval Philosophy

MI 30411  Christian Theological Traditions I

MI 30500  Survey of Spanish Literature I

MI 30530  Survey of French Literature I

MI 30577  Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature and Culture

MI 30663  Historical Survey: Arab Middle East

MI 30724  Gothic Art and Architecture

MI 30757  Venetian & Northern Italian Renaissance Art

MI 35811  Archaeology of Ireland

MI 40003  Introduction to Christian Latin Texts

MI 40110  Introduction to Old English

MI 40153  Chaucer: Canterbury Tales

MI 40181  Medieval Dreaming & Dream Texts

MI 40320  Introduction to Plotinus

MI 40373  Philosophy & Humanism in the 12th Century

MI 40504  Cervantes: Don Quixote

MI 40531  Introduction to Old French

MI 40565  The Divine Comedy: The Christian Universe

MI 40584  Between Religion and Literature

MI 43343  Aquinas on Human Nature

Some courses appear on the schedule on a yearly basis while others are offered irregularly.  Find courses for a particular semester below.  Course descriptions from past semesters provide an overall sense of the opportunities and richness of undergraduate study at the Medieval Institute.