A wide range of people comprise the Medieval Institute community:  faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, alumni, librariansvisiting researchers, friends, and staff. Each group has a unique perspective and plays an important role in the activities of the Institute.

The Medieval Institute is an integral part of the College of Arts and Letters and draws its faculty from 11 of the College’s departments. While the MI attracts undergraduate minors from all Colleges and Schools within the University, Arts and Letters is the home base for undergraduate majors and graduate students. During the past six years, the National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded the College faculty 44 fellowships, more than any other college or university in the country. Overall, the number of Arts and Letters faculty members who have received major national fellowships in the arts, humanities, and social sciences places us among the top six universities in the nation.

You can find out about the achievements of our Medieval Institute community by consulting our current news section.