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Theology Professor and Medievalist Fellow Uses NEH Fellowship to Research Qur’an’s Portrayal of God’s Vengeance and Mercy

Author: Josh Weinhold

The Qur’an describes God as a god of mercy. The Qur’an describes God as a god of vengeance. Are those qualities mutually exclusive? Gabriel Said Reynolds doesn’t think so. The Notre Dame medievalist and  professor of Islamic studies and theology is using a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities to explore the idea. He’s spending a year researching the way the Muslim holy text juxtaposes narratives of God’s destruction with declarations of God’s compassion. Read More

Professor Michael Bailey Lectures on Magic and Religion in the Middle Ages

Author: Brandon Cook

Michael Bailey Icon

On November 17th, the Medieval Institute was pleased to welcome guest speaker Michael Bailey, Professor of History at Iowa State University. That evening, Prof. Bailey delivered a stimulating lecture entitled "Was Medieval Magic a Religion?" Bailey's talk focused on the concepts of religion and false religion in the late medieval and early modern periods and worked within the framework of Herbert Grundmann, the twenty-first-century historian of religion best known for his foundational Religious Movements in the Middle Ages (1935). Read More

Philosopher Wins Article Prize for Research on Aquinas, Abstractionism

Author: Carrie Gates

Therese Cory

How do we form abstract concepts—like “dog”—given that we only experience concrete, particular objects—like “Fido”? Therese Scarpelli Cory, a Notre Dame assistant professor of philosophy, examined Aquinas’ answer to this question in her article, “Rethinking Abstractionism: Aquinas’ Intellectual Light and Some Arabic Sources.” Her work, published in the Journal of the History of Philosophy, was awarded the publication’s 2015 best article prize in January. Read More

James Morton Begins Byzantine Series with a Seminar on Byzantine Canon Law in the Latin West

Author: Brandon Cook

James Morton Image

The Medieval Institute welcomed guest speaker James Morton, Ph.D. Candidate in History at the University of California, Berkeley, the first speaker in the new Byzantine series at the University of Notre Dame. Mr. Morton lead a seminar entitled “Byzantine Canon Law in the Latin West: The Southern Italian Manuscripts (10th–14th centuries)". Read More

Alumna of the Medieval Institute, Prof. Rachel Koopmans, Elected to the Royal Society of Canada

Author: Brandon Cook

Thomas Becket Window Icon

Rachel Koopmans, Associate Professor of History at the University of York in Toronto and a doctoral graduate of the Medieval Institute (2001), has been recently elected a member of the Royal Society of Canada's College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Of this accomplishment York University writes, "In her wide-ranging explorations of medieval religious culture, Rachel Koopmans has made major contributions to the fields of history, literature, manuscript studies, and art history."  Read More

Upcoming Events

Spring classes begin


The spring semester begins at Notre Dame. The Medieval Institute looks forward to another stimulating term!…

Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies, March 9-11, 2017

Location: University of Notre Dame

Vagantes Conference

The annual graduate student Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies will be held in 2017 at Notre Dame and is sponsored in part by the Medieval Institute, the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, the Medieval Academy of America, and the University of Notre Dame College of Arts & Letters.

Medieval Institute Graduation Ceremony


Location: Alumni Hall Chapel

Each year, the Medieval Institute honors its graduating students with an all-Latin ceremony. Light refreshments for the graduates and their guests will follow in the Alumni Hall courtyard at the conclusion of the ceremony. Congratulations to them all!…