Christophe Erismann Lectures on the Aristotelian Logic of Iconoclasts in Byzantine Lecture Series

Author: Ashton Green

Erismann lecture

On Thursday, August 24th, the Medieval Institute warmly welcomed guest speaker Christophe Erismann, director of the European Research Council project “Reassessing Ninth Century Philosophy: A Synchronic Approach to the Logical Traditions” at the Institute for Byzantine Studies at the University of Vienna. Erismann gave a lecture entitled "A Felicitous Outcome of Iconoclasm? Theology and Aristotelian Logic in 9th-Century Byzantium.” Read More

Medieval Institute featured in The Observer

Author: Megan J. Hall

Observer Logo

On Friday, September 8th, The Observer, the student-run newspaper serving Notre Dame and St. Mary's, ran a feature piece on the Medieval Institute. Read it here. 


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Seminar Series Highlights Rare Abundance of Old Norse Scholars at Notre Dame

Author: Brandon Cook



Maríulestir MS image, NKS 1867 4to 94r, Iceland, 1760, Óðinn2_web

On March 3rd, 2017, Richard Cole, post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of English, launched a semester-long series of talks generously supported by the Medieval Institute, the Nanovic Centre for European Studies, ND Research, and the Department of English. Entitled 'Maríulestir', Old Norse for "the lectures of Mary", the workshop-style seminars featured invited speakers who lectured on topics ranging from "social expecitations" to romance and hagiography. Read More