Celebrate 75 Years with Us!

Started 75 years ago by Fr. Philip Moore, CSC, the Medieval Institute has been the leading institution in the United States for the study of medieval Catholic culture and history. Beyond that, it has grown as well into a pre-eminent center for research and education on Greek Byzantium, Arab Islam, and the Jewish diaspora — and especially on a millennium of interactions among them. This is the Middle Ages you’ll meet here. To mark our 75th anniversary, we've planned a robust slate of activities for our community. Join us in celebrating all year long!

Now Accepting Applications for Mellon and Byzantine Fellowships

Each year, the Medieval Institute offers two external fellowships supporting research in Medieval and Byzantine Studies. The Mellon Fellowship allows a junior faculty member to spend a year at Notre Dame working on his or her own research, while the Byzantine Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship enables fellows to pursue promising research towards scholarly publication and/or the development of new subject areas. Applications are due February 1st.

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Established in 1946, the Medieval Institute is the oldest and largest center in the United States dedicated to the study and teaching of all aspects of medieval culture. Your gift will allow the Medieval Institute to continue the outstanding work of its faculty and students.

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Omnia disce. Videbis postea nihil esse superfluum. (Learn everything, and you will see afterward that nothing is superfluous.)

Hugh of St. Victor (d. 1141), Didascalicon 6.3