Meeting in the Middle Ages is the Medieval Institute’s podcast. Our goal is to answer the questions "what do medievalists do, and how do they do it?" Episodes—a new one each month—are built around informal conversations between our hosts, Ben and Will, and medievalist scholars and graduate students. We discuss how they became medievalists, what led them to their current research, the resources they use, and how they use them.

While other podcasts about the medieval world look at specific topics, from Byzantine battle-formations to Viking voting patterns, we peer behind the curtain to see what the academic lives of medievalists are like.

Meeting in the Middle Ages is sponsored by the Medieval Institute of the University of Notre Dame and supported by the Medieval Academy of America’s Graduate Student Committee through their Community Building Award. Special thanks to Dr. Tom Burman and Dr. Megan J. Hall for their work to help launch and sustain Meeting in the Middle Ages.


Will Beattie

Will Beattie portrait

Will Beattie is a Medieval Studies Ph.D. candidate at Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute. He studies the development of apocalyptic vernacular preaching in early medieval England, particularly through anonymous texts.

Ben Pykare

Ben Pykare portrati

Ben Pykare is a Medieval Studies Ph.D. student at Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute. He studies mysticism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the late medieval period, examining competing political and religious claims, mutual influences, and shared spaces.


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