Nanovic Student Spotlight: Perfecting Medieval Chant in Paris

Author: Kristian Olsen

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Two of the best teachers of medieval music and chant currently work at the Sorbonne University in Paris. With the support of the Nanovic Institute, Victoria Fraser had the opportunity to study, hear, and coach pieces of the repertoire with them privately. Read More

Nanovic Student Spotlight: Benjamin Gallucci-Wright, Medievalist

Author: NI

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Aspiring scholars also need to turn their dissertations into successful first books. At the Nanovic Institute, we know that such projects often come out of the experience of doing significant original research, which takes time. Research can take many forms: deep dives into manuscript archives, unprecedented gatherings of primary materials, chasing down key historical records, and first-person investigation of new social phenomena. The results open new doors of opportunity. In this spotlight, Benjamin Gallucci-Wright, recipient of a Nanovic Graduate Summer Travel and Research Grant, talks about his experience conducting archival research.  Read More

Undergraduate Spotlight: Erica Sestak

Author: Karrie Fuller

Erica Sestak

Medieval Studies undergraduates pursue a wide range of fascinating projects. We highlight here one of our Medieval Studies majors, Erica Sestak, currently a junior here at Notre Dame. In addition to her coursework, she has explored many different disciplines affiliated with the Medieval Institute through her numerous research and work experiences. We followed up with an interview to learn more about Erica’s experience working in Special Collections, a rare and valuable opportunity for an undergraduate worth sharing. Read More

Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study Furthers Research of Five Medievalists in 2017-18

Author: Emily Mahan

The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study promotes research in many disciplines in the arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences. The 2017-2018 academic year has proved fruitful for Medieval Studies at the NDIAS, as five of the seventeen Fellows' research projects focus on medieval topics. Meet the medievalist Fellows and learn more about their work. Read More

Mary Carruthers Delivers Fascinating Lecture on Medieval Aesthetics

Author: Emily Mahan

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On March 22, 2018, renowned scholar Mary Carruthers, known for her work on memory and cognition, presented a lecture at Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute, entitled, “Polyfocal Perspective and the Perplexity Principle in Medieval Aesthetics.”

Drawing from diverse sources, including late antique and medieval writing on art and architecture by authors such as Procopius and Theophilus, English literary texts such as Pearl and Chaucer’s The Squire’s Tale, and visual art, Carruthers argued that medieval aesthetics embraced perplexity. Bewilderment, said Carruthers, is “a completely medieval aesthetic experience.” Read More