Medieval Studies Working Group


Location: MI Seminar Room, 715J Hesburgh Library

The Medieval Studies Working Group will provide an opportunity for junior and senior scholars to engage in larger questions of methodology, the viability of interdisciplinarity, and the specific forms it might take within the umbrella of "medieval studies" as well as within specific disciplines. In order to explore these abstract questions productively, they must be rooted in concret and specific case studies, so the Working Group will follow a single guiding theme for the entire series of eight meetings. During the 2011-12 academic year, the theme is "Contact and Identity." Speakers will be encouraged to respond to the year's specific theme, but also to highlight their methodological approach either in the body of their talk or in the subsequent question and answer session.

By placing practitioners of different methodologies and disciplines into direct contact with each other, the organizers envision the Working Group as a place of active dialogue and debate between scholars not only from different departments, but also from inside and outside the Notre Dame community.

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Anna Larsen,

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