Latin Reading Group Organizational Meeting


Location: 744 Cushing Street, South Bend 46616

Join us for the Fall 2012 Inaugural Meeting of the Latin Reading Group. Since this is our first meeting, come prepared to discuss your reading interests and to plan future meeting times and locations. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, contact Mae Kilker,

The primary aim of the Latin Reading Group is to read Latin texts for our enjoyment in an informal, stress-free, convivial environment. Additionally, our group promotes the community of Latin scholars across disciplines; exposes participants to a variety of texts from the Classical, Late Antique, Medieval, and Renaissance periods; encourages independent Latin reading; fosters stronger Latinity through regular practice, and palliates anxiety about translating Latin. Graduate students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars are welcome from all disciplines.

Our fortnightly meetings are structured to provide a casual, inclusive experience for all participants, regardless of individual translation abilities. Each session we read and discuss a short poem (or poetic excerpt) and one longer prose text. Dual language editions (Latin/English) of the selected texts are provided. Texts are chosen to complement and expand from those regularly taught, rather than to replace the Latin classroom experience. At the meetings, participants volunteer translations; translations are not required to participate. Possible discussion topics include historical context, literary style, genre, prosody, scansion, grammar, source texts, etc.

Latin Reading Group Flyer